Lot 7 

Tutini (Pukumani Pole)

Shirley Puruntatameri 

(nee Tipungwuti)

100 x 100 cm
Ochre on linen
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About the Artist

Shirley was born on Bathurst Island and now lives at Pirlangimpi. She and her partner have 6 children. Her dreaming is the water buffalo. 

About the Work

Relating  to  the  passing  of  a  Tiwi  person,  the  Pukamani  pole  (or  Tutini)  is  a  ceremonial carving/sculpture positioned  around  the  grave  site  of  the  deceased  that  tells  the  story  of,  and  celebrates,  the  person's  life.  The burial  ceremonies  of  the  Tiwi, based  on  the  Pukamani  of  the  mythical  man  Purrukapali  are  by  far  the  most important  events  in  ceremonial  life.  These  ceremonies  allow  full  expression  of  grief  and  provide  at  the  same time  a  complete  cultural  outlet  for  philosophical  beliefs, through  music,  art  and  dance.

This piece comes professionally stretched

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