Lot 51 

Mulpu (Bush Mushroom)

Anmanari Nolan 

166 x 122 cm
Acrylic on linen
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About the Artist

Anmanari was born in 1943 at Yateman’s Bore. Her father was from Lupul while her mother was from west of Lupul. Anmanari and her family travelled east in response to the drought and harsh conditions experienced throughout the district in the early 1940s. On this journey east her family travelled with Tutuma Tjapanagarti’s family – Eunice Jack’s father, and a lifelong friendship was established between the two girls. Anmanari’s family stopped at the ration station at Ikuntji, set up by Pastor Albrecht of the Hermannsburg Mission. Anmanari was married to the Papunya Tula artist Lionel Kantawarra Tjupurrula, and it was through him that her interest in painting developed. Anmanari is a very powerful law woman who commands great respect within her community. She has been a member of the Ikuntji Art Centre for many years and is highly regarded for her painting skills. Her tjukurrpa is the mulpu, or bush mushroom. Predominant themes in Anmanari’s works are the Mulpu Tjukurrpa and the dancing women at Kungka Yunti, located south of Haasts Bluff.

About the Work

This work shows the artist's personal Tjukurrpa, the Mulpu (native mushroom), as it was handed to her by her mother. The Mulpu grows after the seasonal rains along the creek and river banks Kungkayunti. The paintngs tell how to find them and how to cook them in an earth stove with a lot of sand. Mulpu represent good times out in the desert, and a time for celebration as the landscape comes alive with bush tucker of all sorts. "After the rain comes the bush mushroom sprouting from the ground, we pick them and they are delicious to eat." Anmanari came to have the Mulpu as her personal law because her mother was eating the mulpu on the night that Anmanari was born, causing a quickening of the pregnancy.


In her paintings the artist likes as well to depict women digging for the mushrooms with their traditional tools, their coolamons and nulla nullas.

Anmanari's daughters Nola,Colleen and Daphne Kantawarra also include the Mulpu Tjukurrpa in their paintings

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