Lot 50 


Linda Ngitjanka

100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on Belgian linen
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About the Artist

Linda was born in 1934 at Warapuyu, north of Browns Bore. Her father was born at Lake Mackay, west of Kintore. Her parents passed away when she was a little girl and she was sent to Haasts Bluff mission where she grew up and married Katapana Alan Tjapanangka. His country is Yumari, also west of Kintore. Her tjukurrpa was the bush raisin, small green and black berries known as ngamanpurru. She also painted her father’s tjukurrpa, waru tjangitjarra (firesticks) and kuturru (nulla nulla) tjukurrpa from her own country, Alkipi. Nulla nullas are cut and carved from mulga hardwood and are used in ceremonies with song and dance, for digging, and occasionally for fighting. Linda’s artistic talents, linked with her natural sense of colour and design, allowed her to create vibrant, energetic works representing the mountains (puli) and bush raisins of her home country, Alkipi. She first painted at Ikuntji Women’s Centre in 1996 and later divided her time between Haasts Bluff and Areyonga. Linda passed away in 2010. 

About the Work

Linda described this work as follows: "Alkipi is my country where the Honey Grevillea grows, we call this a bush lolly because it is sweet. The Honey Grevillea grows after the rain".


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