Lot 48 

Wilkinkaarra - Lake Mackay

Zakius Jack

152 x 81 cm
Acrylic on linen
Bid on this piece
This piece comes professionally stretched. 
About the Artist

Zakius began painting in mid-2008. He is the youngest son of renowned Ikuntji artists, the late Gideon Tjururrula Jack and Eunice Napanangka Jack (who is currently Ikuntji’s most in demand female artist). His traditionally simple but effective depictions of Lake Mackay thus far have already attracted attention from visitors to the art centre and commercial galleries alike.

About the Work

This paintngs shows the artist's father's country, Lake Mackay.

It tells the story about a large bushfire coming from the east

turning the land into a lake. The circles in the paintings stand for water holes scattered around and the lines between are the tracks of animals looking for water.

©  Environmental Defenders Office NT. 

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