Lot 29 

Destruction of our Bush Tucker

Nancy McDinny

122 x 107 cm
Acrylic on canvas
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About the Artist

Nancy was born on Fetrel Island, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory, between Manangoora Station and Vanderlin Island. Her Aboriginal name is Yukuwal and her skin name is Nangalama. Nancy’s social history and landscape paintings capture the rich traditional life that she, her parents and grandparents lived, including hunting, harvesting bushtucker and travelling across country. She also uses her paintings as a platform to garner broader interest and understanding about Indigenous experiences of colonisation in the Gulf region, from historic atrocities of frontier violence, dispossession and killings, to ongoing impacts in the form of mining and its irreversible impacts on the natural environment.  

About the Work

"The Mining Company is ruining our land and our bush tuckers and causes argument amongst families. They come into our Community promising this and that making deals where we have to wait for years and years to get our royalty, some of our people have died just waiting. There are Traditional Owners who negotiate with the Directors of the mining company without involving other Traditional Owners and they start up an argument between the family groups. They promise them money if they agree to their deal. We are worried about our bush tucker and animals.

The animals like the kangaroos, emus, goanna and blue tongue lizard aren’t here anymore. We have to go along way from our usual hunting ground to look for them. And our food from the ocean is not plentiful this time. Even our bush medicine is not growing close to our community anymore."

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