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Bonny Burarngarra

79 x 79 cm
Pandanus mat
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About the Artist

Bonny is a renowned artist whose works have been exhibited around the world. Her main media is pandanus, which is woven into a range of pieces, including mats, fish traps baskets and bags. 

About the Work

Mats  can  vary  greatly.  Artists  commonly  use  a  mix  of  naturally  dyed  and  undyed  fibre  to  create  a  striking variation  of  coloured  bands.  Some  artists  also  incorporate  different  types  of  looping  to  produce  different patterns  and  textured  finishes.  Each  type  of  mat,  fibre  bag,  basket  and  dilly  bag  has  its  own  name  in  the  various languages  spoken  in  the  Maningrida  region.

Notable Collections

Charles Darwin University Art Collection
Macquarie Bank Art Collection
Myer Foundation, Melbourne, VIC

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