Lot # 20

Kinga (Crocodile)

Charlie Nangukwirrk Nanguwerr

150 x 60 cm
Bark Painting
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About the Artist

Charlie is a Kuninjku artist known for his intricately detailed works. His work is held in collections in Melbourne and Darwin. 


About the Work

This is a painting of kinga, also known as namanjwarre, the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). These animals are totems for people of Yirridjdja moiety, one of the two patrimoieties of Arnhem Land aboriginal cultures.

Crocodiles are rarely killed for food but their eggs are keenly sought after during the wet season when the females are nesting.

A major crocodile sacred site exists near the outstation of Kurrindin, in the Liverpool River district.

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