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Delores Tipuamantumirri

180 x 120 cm
Ochre on linen
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Estimate: $7000 - $10000.
This piece comes professionally stretched
About the Artist


Delores  Tipuamantummiri,  the  only  daughter  of  celebrated  artist Cornelia  Tipuamantummiri,  is  also  a  well-acknowledged artist  in  her  own  right.    Her late father Steven Tipuantamirri was a ceremony singer and the first Tiwi man who joined the Tiwi Land Council. Of her artist mother, Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, she speaks with great respect as a  a good teacher of traditional Tiwi culture. It was through her that she acquired weaving, dancing and hunting skills. Now Delores is passing on these skills to her three children and nine grandchildren. While  following  in  the  footsteps  of  Cornelia’s  highly  creative  flair,  Delores Tipuamantumiri  also  contributes  with  her  creative  ingenuity  and  her  own  interpretative  visual  display  of  optical  effects  to translate  the  traditional  geometrical  designs  associated  with  the  remarkable  cosmology  of  the  Tiwi  People.    An  ancient spiritual  tradition  that  has  inspired  distinctive  and  vibrant  art  styles  focusing  on  the  great  Tiwi  mythological  stories celebrated  through  their  elaborate  ceremonial  performances.    


Delores  innovatively  elaborates  on  an  Opt  Art  of  ancient  time  to  weave  the  waves  of  the  surrounding  Arafura  glittering sea  and  beats  a  tempo  that  engages  in  reminiscing  the  sacred  ceremonial  dances  through  the  rippling  patterns  created on  her  canvas.      The  transcription  of  her  own  impressions,  affected  by  the  reminiscence  of  a  traditional  world-view, resonates  well  with  our  contemporary  art  world,  as  Delores  depicts  the  vibrations,  pulsations  and  rhythms  of  an  eternal present  that  merges  timelessly  and  simultaneously  between  the  old  and  the  new.  Delores  more  recent  works  have  all entered  important  privates  collections  and  while  her  production  of  artworks  is  very  small,  they  are  well  sought  after. Her  majestic  contributions  have  been  included  –  and  all  sold-  in  the  inaugural  2015  Tarnanthi  Festival  in  Adelaide,    The Munupi  Art  exhibition  at  Luc  Berthier  Gallery  in  Paris  in  2016,  at  the  Red  Dot  fine  Art  gallery  in  Singapore  in  2017,  at the  annual  Tiwi  show  at  the  Hilton  double  Tree  in  Darwin  in  2017,    and  now  in  the  upcoming  June  2018  in  Freiburg  at the  Artkelch  gallery.  Delores  Tipuamantumirri’s  works  echo  the  fluctuations  of  our  lives.    The  Tiwi’s  sacred  dances, music  and  stories  are  latent  in  their  two  dimensional  vibrating  representations  of  a  world  that  was,  layers  upon  layers of  meaning,  of  a  world  that  is,  always  changing,  but  constant  through  times,  as  the  ripples  on  the  surface  of  the  sea on  their  island  shores  carried  from  generations  to  generations.    Delores’  art  works  are  like  interactive  meditative  tools that  meet  congruently  the  eyes  of  our  modern  world  to  suggest  its  unfathomable  depth.  She uses the traditional Tiwi comb for her painting, applying natural ochre tones to linen, creating a moving ripple effect suggesting a thrown fishing net.

About the Work

Banapa is the Tiwi word for net. Throw nets are commonly and expertly used for fishing off the beach. The shapes and forms these fish nets create whilst being cast translate into wonderful pictorial patterns.

Notable Collections

Arthur Roe Collection, Melbourne, Australia

Kaplan and Levi Collection, Seattle, Washington, USA


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